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wifeofJoshua [userpic]
Created to be His Help Meet
by wifeofJoshua (wifeofjoshua)
at May 12th, 2005 (10:20 am)

Dear Friends,

A couple weeks ago, I posted this in my journal as well as the community "train up a child" (can't figure out how to make it link!). I got so many responses that I am going to order another case of 24. I thought since I'd have more available, I'd post this here in case any of you are interested. My email address is: fourteen_seventeen@yahoo.com Thanks!

I am seriously wanting to order an entire case of Debi Pearl's book, Created to be His Help Meet. I have been so blessed by this book and highly recommend it. It is an excellent, high-quality book and I would like to lend out a few copies. By ordering a case (24) they cost 7.20 each. Shipping is 10% which brings the cost up to about $8. This is still much cheaper than the normal price of $12 and the shipping rates of at least 5.50. I already know one lady here who will buy one from me for $8 if I order. My mom talked about getting a couple copies for herself. (She borrowed mine and really liked it.) keeperathome has also expressed interest in the past. I am imagining that the cheapest shipping would be around or under $2 within the US. That would make one copy cost about $10. I wish I could give everyone a copy, but we just can't afford that. So I was wondering if anyone has been thinking about ordering this book and would like to buy one from me if I order the case of 24? If so, please let me know... Joshua has given me permission to order, but I need about 10 people to say they'll take a copy before I'd feel comfortable getting that many.

And... if you really can't afford the $10 but are super-interested, tell me... maybe I can send out a few for less :) This is a great book and I highly recommend it to any married lady!! :)

Edit: Since I've gotten so many replies, I am going ahead with my order! Yay! If you are interested in ordering, please email me (fourteen_seventeen@yahoo.com) for payment info. Thanks!