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wifeofJoshua [userpic]
Defective pregnancy tests
by wifeofJoshua (wifeofjoshua)
at November 8th, 2006 (02:39 am)

If you or anyone you know buys home pregnancy tests, please read this review.

wifeofJoshua [userpic]
Cooking post by request ;)
by wifeofJoshua (wifeofjoshua)
at August 16th, 2006 (12:07 pm)

All right... where to start? :) I know some of you read my website/blog, so I don't want to just re-post things. :) So... I think I'll try to share a new recipe (one that hasn't been introduced to my website yet). :)

So, here's a new pizza we created a couple weeks ago! It turned out fabulously. We both loved it! It has a soft crust and tasted the closest to take-out pizza that we've ever made, I think! So, here's the recipe:


Crust Ingredients:

3/4 cup water
1 teaspoon sugar
2 Tablesppoons butter, melted or very softened
2 1/2 cups flour
1 Tablespoon yeast

Other Ingredients:

2 Tablespoons cornmeal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup pizza sauce
12-16 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese
sliced onions, optional
chopped bell peppers, optional
turkey pepperoni, fried turkey bacon, or fried hamburger, optional
1/4 teaspoon oregano
1/8 teaspoon basil
2 Tablespoons parmesan cheese

1. If using a bread machine to make pizza dough, put ingredients in bread machine in order listed and set to dough setting.

If making dough by hand, mix water, butter, and sugar in mixing bowl. Add part of the flour and stir. Add the rest of the flour and the yeast, and stir into a dough. Knead for 8-10 minutes, or until dough is smooth and elastic. Set dough in bowl and grease the top. Cover with a towel and set in a warm place to rise for about 45 minutes.

2. After dough has risen the first time, punch down and knead until air bubbles are removed.

3. Liberally butter a 16-inch round pizza pan, and press dough onto pan. Carefully lift one-half of the crust and fold over (to expose half of the pizza pan). Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon cornmeal over pan. Lay crust back in place and repeat on other half, so that there is cornmeal sprinkled between entire layer of crust and pan.

4. Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon salt over top of crust and then spread with 1 cup pizza sauce. Sprinkle on cheese and any optional toppings desired. Sprinkle on oregano, basil, and parmesan cheese last.

5. Place pizza in oven and turn heat to 400 degrees. Bake for 10 minutes; rotate crust and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes or until top is browned. (Be sure to watch so it doesn't burn; every oven is different!)

6. When pizza is browned, turn off heat and open oven door. Leave pizza in oven until ready to serve. Then remove from oven, cut, and serve. If there is leftover pizza, we often put the pieces directly on a cooling rack to cool, which prevents condensation forming between the crust and pan.

12-16 slices

I also just posted a food budgeting tips article on my website. I have been trying to work on writing longer things about food- and cooking-related topics for my website rather than just mindlessly blogging like I usually do. ;)

ebbyanne [userpic]
Bread Help
by ebbyanne (ebbyanne)
at June 15th, 2005 (04:39 pm)

Does anyone have any tips on getting freshly baked bread out of the bread pan without turning the beautiful golden loaf into a pile of beautiful golden crumbs?

Emily [userpic]
My hubby loves me
by Emily (emily25069)
at June 6th, 2005 (01:15 pm)

Barry sent me this email, and I asked if I could post it here.

My husband is so sweet to me. I love him so much!!


I'm overhearing conversations on what my co-workers wives do at home, and hearing them complain that things don't get done. You need a day off to yourself. You do alot of work, and the arguments that I raise with you have little weight. You do a great job, and I just wanted to let you know that. I have no room to complain, and I need to help you more. Hearing the complaining, really makes me want to say something like "My wife never has a problem with that."

I love you, and I can't wait to take a ride with you tomorrow. We'll have lots of fun.


just wanted to brag about how appreciative he is because the last couple posts were sort of negative.

Emily [userpic]
Some thoughts on "created to be his help meet."
by Emily (emily25069)
at June 2nd, 2005 (01:33 am)

Just some quotes from the book that really are challenging me. Debi Pearl sure speaks the truth. I wish I had a real-life woman at my church to teach me these things.

Here are the quotes.

"When you develop an adversarial relationship with your husband, you do so on the premise that you are right and he is wrong. You are also assuming that you have the duty to resist, confront, and challenge him. In thinking that he is wrong and you are right, you declare yourself wiser than he, more spiritual, more discerning, more sacrificial, etc. All of this adds up to the obvious conclusion that you have assumed the role of leadership, teacher, and judge."

"Adam commenced his rule of the planet before God created Eve to help him in his life's goals. Adam didnt need to get Eve's consent. God gave her to Adam to be HIS helper, not his partner. She was designed to serve, not to be servied, to assist, not to veto his decision."

(This is part of a description to "Mr. Steady". I am married to a Mr. Steady, as described in the book. There is a Mr. Command, a Mr. Visionary, and a Mr. Steady)

He will enjoy the company of others and be most comfortable spending time in small talk with whoever is around. Of the three types, he is the one who will be most liked by everyone.

Mr. Steady is always in demand. People everywhere need him to fix a car, build a house, set up their computer, figure out whats wrong with their phone, heal them of cancer, and the list goes on and on. You begin to wonder if you will ever have him all to yourself. The answer is, no. He belongs to people. When it is time or past time for some special time alone, take a vacation and leave the cell phone at home.

ouch ouch ouch Debi!!!!

I am so guilty of trying to be Barry's conscience all the time. I am always trying to get him to see what he is doing wrong instead of just adapting to him and praying for him. This book has been so far an amazing eye-opener for me. I am trying to make changes and things are a lot smoother.. for instance...

When Barry takes a shower, his clothes go on the bathroom floor, and usually stay there until I nag at him that he has been disrespectful of me and ask him to pick them up himself. The past couple of days however, I have taken Debi Pearl's advice and just accepted the fact that this will be a job of mine, and I have been trying to do it cheerfully. Its been 4 years of nagging. Nagging more isnt going to do anything more than cause unnecessary strife between us. It feels really good to have let that go.

This book is really really good. Its very blunt.. Just what I like!

The last thing, (the description of Mr. Steady) actually really makes me feel relieved. Barry is always gone. I do sometimes wonder if things will ever settle down and he will be mine all mine all the time!!! Its honestly sort of refreshing to know that those chances are pretty slim. It will make it easier to adapt to I think. .. and truthfully, while sometimes it gets lonely around these parts, Im not miserable. I just need to be a little bit more creative and lean on the help of my girlfriends a little bit more than the average wife whose husband is mostly a homebody.

wifeofJoshua [userpic]
Created to be His Help Meet
by wifeofJoshua (wifeofjoshua)
at May 12th, 2005 (10:20 am)

Dear Friends,

A couple weeks ago, I posted this in my journal as well as the community "train up a child" (can't figure out how to make it link!). I got so many responses that I am going to order another case of 24. I thought since I'd have more available, I'd post this here in case any of you are interested. My email address is: fourteen_seventeen@yahoo.com Thanks!

I am seriously wanting to order an entire case of Debi Pearl's book, Created to be His Help Meet. I have been so blessed by this book and highly recommend it. It is an excellent, high-quality book and I would like to lend out a few copies. By ordering a case (24) they cost 7.20 each. Shipping is 10% which brings the cost up to about $8. This is still much cheaper than the normal price of $12 and the shipping rates of at least 5.50. I already know one lady here who will buy one from me for $8 if I order. My mom talked about getting a couple copies for herself. (She borrowed mine and really liked it.) keeperathome has also expressed interest in the past. I am imagining that the cheapest shipping would be around or under $2 within the US. That would make one copy cost about $10. I wish I could give everyone a copy, but we just can't afford that. So I was wondering if anyone has been thinking about ordering this book and would like to buy one from me if I order the case of 24? If so, please let me know... Joshua has given me permission to order, but I need about 10 people to say they'll take a copy before I'd feel comfortable getting that many.

And... if you really can't afford the $10 but are super-interested, tell me... maybe I can send out a few for less :) This is a great book and I highly recommend it to any married lady!! :)

Edit: Since I've gotten so many replies, I am going ahead with my order! Yay! If you are interested in ordering, please email me (fourteen_seventeen@yahoo.com) for payment info. Thanks!

Emily [userpic]
Isnt it amazing....
by Emily (emily25069)
at April 16th, 2005 (08:35 pm)

How the wife and mother's mood effects the entire household?

Today I woke up with a HORRIBLE sore throat, but I wasnt necessarily in bad spirits. .. however, I made the decision to grump about my throat and pretty soon, our home wasnt so happy. My husband, who woke up earlier than he needed to to help with the kids now had an icky look on his face, the baby was fussy, and Matthew was definately taken aback. I didnt even blow up,.. I just muttered some complaints which I totally could have muttered in a more happy fashion.

Well, this was a learning experience.. Next time I feel the need to complain, I will remember this experience and remember that it wasnt worth it.

About an hour later, my husband came in from outside and I was happy and gracious towards him, and its like the whole house realigned itself.

Emily [userpic]
Pretty personal stuff
by Emily (emily25069)
at April 2nd, 2005 (11:25 pm)

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Ruth [userpic]
by Ruth (ruthiev)
at March 29th, 2005 (06:47 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: laundry in the dryer

Hello, ladies! I joined a little while ago but haven't gotten here to look around until now. I am looking forward to being part of your little circle! I am Ruth, 24 years old, married to Mark and mommy of 6 month old Lydia. Mark and I have been married for 3 1/2 years and still consider ourselves to be newlyweds. = )

CHRISTmas Traditions
by petersmommy (petersmommy)
at November 27th, 2004 (01:22 pm)

Hello everyone!

Since Christmas is around the corner. I thought maybe we could share some family traditions with each other. It'll be fun!

It's our family's second Christmas. The first one we went to Nebraska to visit Matthew's parents and other relatives. I don't think I want to do that again because it makes it almost impossible to develop traditions.

I can share some traditions we had when I was growing up. 1. Christmas tree of course. 2. 24th of Dec. dinner table had one extra plate, seat, and silverware for Jesus. It was at the head of the table, and we believed that if some guest comes uninvited, Jesus has sent him/her and we sat this person at that extra seat. 3. The breaking of bread. There was a loaf of special bread and one would break a piece off and would wish another family member something good and gave that piece to him/her. 4. Inviting someone from church who was lonely or poor to share a Christmas meal with us. 5. Bible reading and then a fun quiz about what we've read with lots of little gifts. 6. Singing carols, of course ;0) 7. We had some hay on the table to symbolize Jesus' birth 8. Lots of games 9. Christmas church service 10. Last year we also packed a Christmas shoe box for some little boy in Africa (I'm not sure if it counts as a tradition. We want to do it this year too, though)

I would be delighted to hear about your Christmas family traditions and suggestions as to what can make Christmas more special and meaningful to a child.

X-posted to my journal and trainupachild

by petersmommy (petersmommy)
at November 27th, 2004 (12:01 am)

Well, this is our love story. Not without mistakes, but with a lot of God's love. I attended the branch of University of Colorado in Moscow, Russia for two years. And I came to the U.S. in August 2001 to finish up my last 2 years.

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To visit or to be visited?
by petersmommy (petersmommy)
at November 24th, 2004 (06:32 pm)

Wanted to throw something out there for discussion. Do you prefer visiting friends or relatives with your family or have guests over at your home? As for my family, we prefer visiting people ourselves if it's only for a few hours or a day. Since I stay home a lot, I really like to go out for a change. BUT if it's for several days, then we definitely prefer having guests stay at our place. First of all, we hate packing! Second, we don't usually like to spend the night at someone else's house. We never sleep well. Peter's schedule gets disrupted, and there is no place better than home as far as comfort goes...since we have a routine, everything's in place, everything's figured out.

What about you?

Melissa [userpic]
Meal Planning Triumph?
by Melissa (lil_irish_lass)
at November 7th, 2004 (07:13 pm)

current mood: jubilant

Thanks to all of you who replied with your helpful thoughts for the meal planning and bread issues. I just thought I'd share my very first week of meal planning! I won't include all the boring details, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

B: Toast (homemade bread, woohoo!) with peanut butter, milk, fruit
L: Leftover chicken from his parent's
D: Honey-Garlic-Ginger Ground Beef Stir Fry, rice

D: Soft tacos, spanish rice (leftover from stir fry)

B: wifeofjoshua 's granola (made on monday)
D: Sweet 'N Spicy Chili, cornbread, vegetable

D: Cornbread and Chicken Mexi-casserole

D: Chicken and Pinto Bean Soup (I made the stock and kept the meat from the chicken his parents' sent us home with. The chicken I will also use for sandwiches for my hunny's lunch...and the beans will be extra from the chili, and I'll get to use up the rest of the veggies that are needing to be used), homemade Honey-Wheat and Oat bread rolls.

D: Leftovers!!

B: Cranberry-applesauce Pancakes (I canned some cranberry-applesauce)
D: Homemade Macaroni and Cheese (made the previous day so I can just enjoy my saturday with my husband)

So far, day one was a success. =) We both really enjoyed the stir-fry, and it was so cheap!
I hope you all see your influences in here, because I took your suggestions very seriously. I appreciated your help so much. So I thought I'd share the fruit of it! :) God bless, and thank you again.

Melissa [userpic]
Bread recipe?
by Melissa (lil_irish_lass)
at November 3rd, 2004 (01:14 pm)

Do any of you have any recipes for adding oatmeal, rolled oats cooked/raw to bread-machine bread? Or even good ol' fashioned bread? I have lots of rolled oats, but I don't know how long they keep, and I'd like to refresh my supply rather than keep aging things around. Also, I love oatmeal, but my family loves it less, and we don't always eat it up. I've had bread that had cooked oatmeal in it, so I figure, that's a good way to be resourceful! I have a bread machine which I prefer to use, but am acquainted certainly with making bread by the elbow grease method=) A friend gave me a bunch of rolled oats, after they had been sitting unused in her cupboard, so I am anxious to use them up.

And does anyone know how to convert regular bread recipes into recipes you can use in the bread machine?

Thanks! BTW, wifeofjoshua, I appreciated your links to recipes. I plan on trying out the granola recipe soon, which is another good way to use up the oats! =)

Melissa [userpic]
Meal Planning Help
by Melissa (lil_irish_lass)
at October 29th, 2004 (09:28 pm)

I realized that I am not so great at meal planning. I honestly have no idea how to go about it. I always buy things on sale, and I do pretty good at buying food and staying in budget for the most part, but there have been times when I've had to waste something due to poor planning, and we eat out more than I care to admit (partly because we both really enjoy eating out) but it is a budget-buster for sure. I do love to cook, I just don't really know how to stock a pantry/fridge and arrange meals so I use up what I have. That was never part of my 'training' and I am sorely lacking in that area. Our budget has also tightened considerably, so this is a timely subject.

Any tips, weekly menu ideas, versatile recipes, that sort of thing?? How do you go about planning?

Thank you and God bless.

Emily [userpic]
Question about submitting
by Emily (emily25069)
at October 28th, 2004 (02:56 pm)

Hello Christian ladies..

I have a question about what it truly means to submit. Sometimes this area can get a little foggy to me. I feel as though I just made a mistake though.

Our church is doing the 40days of Purpose, which is a program that I am not so fond of, but am participating with because both my husband and I are trying to make it a priority to connect at our church. We have been attending since March, and are only now starting to meet people, and we are still on a pretty superficial level with all of them.

Well, part of the 40 days of purpose program is to join a small group at church and meet weekly in homes to do devotionals. Since I was never a fan of this program and feel as though the theology of it is pretty weak, I committed to it, but find the discussions sort of....boring if you will. I like the aspect that I am making new friends, albeit older friends, but friends nonetheless, but I am not really all that interested in the discussions.. My husband however, as a baby Christian has gotten a LOT out of these meetings. He actually led our group in prayer a couple of weeks ago, and he has never done that before. It was a big step of growth for him and it made me feel so incredibly secure, and since we have been going, I have noticed him growing more and more.


2 weeks ago, Barry's brother (John) had emergency back surgery. He ruptured a disc and parts of those discs did some major nerve damage and he is now paralyzed in his mid-section. Its horrible actually, as he is only 37 and is in diapers right now. He can walk and move his hands, he just cant feel anything from his stomach until his legs. Doctors are hopeful that his nerves will heal, but it could take up to 2 years. His brother drives a stick shift truck, that is identical to Barry's truck, exept it is an automatic and one year newer. To help his brother out, Barry and John are trading trucks because with not being able to feel his mid-section, changing gears is too much for John.

Barry called me from work today, and wanted to know if I minded if he could skip the group meeting tonight so that he could clean out our garage and put new breaks on his truck before trading with his brother.

I do mind.

1. John's wife drives an automatic and knows very well how to drive a stick. It upsets me that Barry would fall back on a committment he made to church so he can get his truck in order, when until Monday we had no idea that we would be switching trucks with him. I feel it is fair that the truck be ready by next week, and I dont feel that this is such an emergency (since he has an automatic at his house) that he need to drop committments and priorities that he made with me to do this.

2. Im not really going to these meetings for myself. I never wanted to go initially, but over prayer, felt that Barry would benefit from them, and he really has.

3. My mom babysits Matthew while we go to this. If Barry is home, I feel that it will be hard to explain to my mom why she is babysitting.

4. Thursday night has been sort of a "date night" for us for the past 4 weeks. I have so much enjoyed the special time just driving to the meeting and then driving to pick Matthew up and then driving home. We have been so giddy and so happy everytime we leave there and we have AMAZING conversations about God that didnt exist in our relationship before. I feel like

5. Barry is going to St. Louis in 2 weeks, and will miss the last meeting. So, its not just 1 meeting we are talking about here, it is actually 2. I understand that with him being out of state in 2 weeks, he will not be able to attend. He has a great reason for it and I didnt give him any trouble about it at all.

6. I feel like every time I see spiritual growth in Barry, he takes 1 step forward, and then 2 steps back, and I dont think that that is God's will for him. I feel like the devil finds ways to distract him from committing to things at church.

Barry really truly is a good guy, and just sees getting his truck ready really quick as a way to help out his brother. But, I told him everything that I mentioned above, and told him that I really didnt want to see him back out of this committment. He didnt take too kindly to this information. He says that he understands where I am coming from but he didnt think I would be so negative about him missing one meeting.

So this is where the submission question comes into play..

Should I have just pretty much told him that it was fine by me that he skip?.. or was I okay in telling him how I really felt about it? This can be so confusing to me. I am fine and well with him making big decisions in the house, but for things like this, I have a hard time knowing what the boundaries are.


Emily [userpic]
Playgroup and simple pleasures
by Emily (emily25069)
at October 28th, 2004 (02:24 pm)

Today was the first meeting of the playgroup I started at my church. Only one mom showed, and it was the other mom who was organizing with us. We didnt make an announcement at church though... all there was was a small advertisement for it on the back of the weekly bulletin, so we figure that maybe nobody knew about it.
So... next Thursday, her and I are going to take a walk at Yates Cider Mill and talk about different ideas. We may end up sending out invitations and having it at the church the first few times until it gets rolling. We know people want to go, but its difficult accomodating everyones schedules.. I was a little bummed that nobody really showed, but the two of us had a nice time talking and getting to know eachother, which was great. She is probably the first real connection that I have made at our new church and we get along pretty well.

One of my simplest pleasures every week is running out of groceries. That may sound strange, but let me explain. Barry and I used to spend 70-80 dollars a week in groceries, and we ended up throwing a lot of that away because we would end up going out or ordering food because neither of us felt like cooking. Now we are on a tight budget, so we get 50 dollars a week in food. I end up running all over town to save money, but it is so nice to end up eating it all. First of all, it means I am doing a good job at keeping up with cooking every meal, and secondly, it means we arent wasting a ton of money on food that never gets eaten. Today I made a soup that used up all of the leftover vegetables that I had bought for various meals this week. Normally, all of those veggies would have gotten thrown away. I am getting better at this homemaker/cooking thing, and I am starting to really enjoy getting creative with meal planning.

Also, I love running out of cleaner, because it means that I am doing a good job on getting my house clean. Cleaners used to last forever for me!! It would take me over a year to finish a bottle of Windex.. but guess what my windows looked like?

okay.. I am definately grown-up now. Who would have ever thought to get excited over cleaning? Surely not me while I was younger, but now the fact that I keep a clean house makes me very happy and my husband very happy.

by keeperathome (keeperathome)
at October 21st, 2004 (03:20 pm)

current mood: thoughtful

I have been thinking about the status of a wife. So often, when I read the things that women especially write about being a wife the message comes through that it is very important, an idea I agree with, and that wives themselves are very important which is an idea I disagree with.

Women talk about not being maids or slaves or servants or doormats. But how many of us truly struggle with an excess of humility or self-abnegation? I know I struggle most with pride, certainty that I am right, self-righteousness and almost incurable selfishness.

What is wrong with being servants. It was good enough for Jesus, wasn't it? He touched dirty and diseased people, He washed calloused, dusty and smelly feet, He lit a fire and prepared breakfast for His diffident disciples.

My husband has said to me that he thinks I am so worried about being a "stepford wife" that I go too far the other way. And he is right. There is so much that I read buzzing in my head about my rights, my value, my choices, my worth that I forget that I am here to help my husband.

Every day he works, my husband is at the beck and call of a young paralysed man and is involved in personal care tasks that I could not do without feeling squemish. His job is to do whatever Ben asks him to do and, obviously, he has to do it cheerfully and promptly. The tasks he does, apart from those which are nursing related, are most like those of a servant. It humbles me that my husband would do this work and do it so well, to provide for me and keep me safely at home.

So I am going to try and think more how to do whatever Oscar wants, cheerfully, promptly and well. I am going to remember that Oscar does his job for an employer, and I do my job for the love of my life and my earthly lord. I am going to remember that picking up after Oscar, cooking what he likes, wearing what he likes, doing what he likes is not belittling me or deminishing me but rather is exactly what I am made to and meant to do. Being Oscar's wife is the best job in the world for me and, from now on, serving him and in a sense being his servant is going to be a joy to me.

Emily [userpic]
Not enough hours in the day... sort of a rant
by Emily (emily25069)
at October 19th, 2004 (03:24 pm)

There are certain things that I learned in pre-marital counseling, that I really really desire to keep up for my husband every day. Im finding that I am having trouble keeping up, and my back hurts so bad at the end of the day, that I all I want to do is kick my feet up with a cup of tea and read and be left alone.
Does anybody have this problem?

The things that are most important for me to have done for Barry are as follows.

-Having the house be clean and in order when Barry gets home
-Being dressed in actual clothes, (not just sweats or pajamas)
-Having my hair neat and makeup on (basically trying to look like how we did when we were dating)
-Having dinner just about ready when he walks in the door

Doesnt seem like much... does it?

Well, I get it all done, but it is very very trying, especially when I have Matthew that needs my attention. If all I had to do was clean the house and look my best, it wouldnt be so tough, but when you add Matthew into the equation, I just dont know how people do it... I honestly dont. I dont want to lag on any of the things above, but I am afraid that I am hurting myself. I barely get in a prayer time, and the prayer time that I do get in seems very rushed, and not at all like it could be. The big cleaning jobs, like scrubbing floors and ironing and stuff like that, are usually done while Matthew naps in the afternoon to keep him out of danger. I try not to have too much to do when Barry is actually home, so that we can spend time together as a family, but I think a lot of times, Matthew doesnt get my best attention either.

Here is my daily schedule.. Let me know if you see anything that maybe I can improve on

9-wake up, get Matthew out of bed, sit on the couch and watch his favorite show... Sesame Street
10-Make breakfast for Matthew and I. After breakfast, I put Matthew down in the living room so that I can clean the kitchen. This usually takes me about 20-30 minutes. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I wash the floor.
11am-1pm-I intermittently play with Matthew and spot clean the rest of the house. This is the hardest part to balance because if I am cleaning 1 room for too long, Matthew gets really upset and attention starved. I keep the tv on for him, but he is not much of a tv watcher, and that makes me feel bad anyways.
1-Make Matthew and I lunch. Eat it. Clean the kitchen. Typically, this time it only takes about 10 minutes.. depending on what I made.
1:30-Matthew gets my undivided attention for the 30 minutes before his naptime, so here, all I am doing is playing.
2-4Matthew goes down for his nap, and I deep clean the "room of the day".. I pick one room and do everything that needs to be done, whether it be dusting, washing the floors, washing the windows, dusting the moulding, etc.. This is also when I finally get in the shower and get dressed. On days when I wash my hair, it takes up a lot of time, since I blow dry my hair and style it. I do makeup here too. Also, this is when I have my prayer time, and then... if there is any time left, my "me" time spent either on here, or reading a book.
4-wake Matthew up and play with him for 30 minutes or so.
4:30-get dinner cooked
5-Barry is home.. YAY!!! I try not to attack him with all my needs, and try to give him a few minutes of breathing time. Then we eat dinner
5:30-Barry plays with Matthew while I clean the kitchen and make Barry's lunch for the next day. This takes about an hour.

After that, it depends.. Sometimes we have church. Sometimes I need to run up to the store.. Everything goes pretty smoothly in the evenings. Barry works at his side business a lot in the evenings, so Matthew and I just hang out and kill time until bedtime. I wish that this is when I could have my prayer time, because everything is done and I would just be able to relax, but knowing that there are things to do, etc... it makes it hard.. but I cant have my quiet times at this time, because a lot of the time, I have Matthew while Barry does work around the house.

By the end of the night, my back aches so bad, and I need to come up with a better plan.

How did women take care of their children and husbands when there werent dishwashers?

I dont imagine that this will get any easier come December when the new baby is born. I have been praying for God to show me little shortcuts, etc that will help me make the most of the day, but I tell ya, its tough.

any ideas?

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