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Emily [userpic]
Isnt it amazing....
by Emily (emily25069)
at April 16th, 2005 (08:35 pm)

How the wife and mother's mood effects the entire household?

Today I woke up with a HORRIBLE sore throat, but I wasnt necessarily in bad spirits. .. however, I made the decision to grump about my throat and pretty soon, our home wasnt so happy. My husband, who woke up earlier than he needed to to help with the kids now had an icky look on his face, the baby was fussy, and Matthew was definately taken aback. I didnt even blow up,.. I just muttered some complaints which I totally could have muttered in a more happy fashion.

Well, this was a learning experience.. Next time I feel the need to complain, I will remember this experience and remember that it wasnt worth it.

About an hour later, my husband came in from outside and I was happy and gracious towards him, and its like the whole house realigned itself.


Posted by: Mrs. Darling (nicoledanielle)
Posted at: April 18th, 2005 04:53 pm (UTC)

Wow! Thank you for the reminder. I needed it!

Hopefully I can use it to spare my household some pain. ;)

Posted by: wifeofJoshua (wifeofjoshua)
Posted at: April 29th, 2005 01:32 am (UTC)

Great post, Emily! :D

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